Bitter SC Convertible
(LHD - Fresh Japanese Import)
  Azure Blue Metallic
  Full Light Doe Skin Sports Leather - Full Factory Deep Burr Walnut Pack
  Very, Very Low Miles - 58 kms = 36k miles.
Very rare, and special car.
Erich Bitter the famous racing driver and founder of Bitter Automobil (Gmbh) in Germany designed and built these fabulous hand built sports cars.
Only 462 Bitter SC models were ever built by Bitter Cars from 1979 to around 1985 when production ended, only 22 Convertible were made for worldwide sale, this is one of the very last cars we are advised is one of only 3 that have come to market in the last decade, very few do! A totally unique opportunity, and blue chip investment.
  Sale Agreed - Awaiting UK Registration
  Warranty Cover Included
  Ref 194
  Call 01423 358686 for more details

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